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Our values and our responsibility

Success, profitability and quality are key attributes in the corporate world. We want to be a leading service provider and rely on our Six Sigma improvement techniques and our problem-solving skills. Our services are distinctive and unique. We want you to be successful and want to attain you as a customer not only for one project.

The process is our focus

Our behavior is driven by dealing with people and processes and the pursuit of optimal service and utmost satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This includes transparency, dedicated process consulting and a customized and focused implementation. In addition, we use highly successful tools for continuous monitoring of progress and achievements.

We make sure, that you are successful

It is important for us to find the best possible and optimised solution for your processes. These will be designed and developed for your company together with your employees. Our quality assurance system ensures your success and our performance.

We value cross-functional and external teamwork

A close, respectful and cooperative teamwork with project teams at all levels of our clients, as well as the constructive cooperation with external customers and suppliers is important to us.

We are committed to share knowledge

As certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Lean Production Masters, we conduct highly qualified and structured trainings, continuing education and cross functional workshops. Our Six Sigma Trainings are conducted in accordance with the ESSC Guidelines.

A good working climate during projects is important to us

Each one of us is responsible for a good project atmosphere. We communicate openly and honestly, we involve your employees, leaders and executives to guarantee the best synchronization and perfect conditions for a successful project.

We act economically

We want to protect our company and our competence through economic behavior and active expansion. The expectations and needs of our customers need to be in balance with cost effectiveness and sustainability. This obligation is imperative to all of us to continuously improve our high quality standards.

Social involvement

Our social engagement is aimed to support children and young people, in particular the seriously ill children in our country. We support this with conviction to offer a real opportunity even to the weak and people in need, who are part of our society. We, the PACT Process Solutions, are pleased to invest with these funds into our children, and equally into the future of Germany.

Help protecting the environment

We do not produce highly sophisticated presentations, we mainly use emission-free transport and thus conserve our resources. We already live in the "paperless office" and avoid as a lean enterprise company, waste of resources and we reduce our waste to a minimum. This is our contribution to environmental protection.

Compliance with laws, policies & regulations

At PACT we conduct our business with responsibility and with great respect for the individual and the cultures in which we operate. One of the key principles at PACT is compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, contractual obligations and standards of behavior in the countries and regions where we operate in.