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Training @ PACT Process Solutions

We do support You ...

... as certified Six Sigma and Lean Production experts during your integration efforts of the Lean Six Sigma methodology into your company strategy. We perform continuing education for your employees and coach them during their hands-on project work.

Training Overview:

  • Six Sigma Grundlagen für Führungskräfte
  • Wertstromanalyse & Wertstromdesign
  • Anwendung von Minitab Statistiksoftware
  • Der Weg zur Six Sigma Unternehmenskultur

Training Overvie with certification:

  • Practical oriented Green Belt Training
  • Praxisorientiertes Black Belt Training
  • Praxisorientiertes Lean Expert Training

Since 1998 we have successfully managed and completed many projects. As certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts & Lean Production Masters we have trained, coached and certified more than 150 Green Belts in different waves of training. Based on our experience it is essential, that a "critical mass" of trained employees drives the momentum in order to achieve a cultural change in your company. Our Six Sigma trainings are conducted in accordance with the ESSC Guidelines.